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Strategic Commercialisation Partnerships

This particular funding opportunity is no longer available.

Full proposals are due for submission by 12 noon on Wednesday 29th September 2021. (Deadline extended from Friday 24th September 2021.)


Strategic Commercialisation Partnerships (SCPs) aim to accelerate the path to market of University or Company-owned IP in collaboration with an external partner.


This initiative focuses on the commercialisation of intellectual property from within the SPRINT HEI partner network and/or the acceleration-to-market of existing company-owned IP enabled through SPRINT HEI academic expertise.

The key difference between Innovation Vouchers and SCPs is that SCPs have IP as a central part of the project and the collaborations are not limited to SMEs.


Each SCP will be delivered in partnership with a ‘commercialisation support partner’ (CSP) who will bring the additional knowledge, skills, influence and resources necessary to maximise the chances of successful commercialisation and business growth enabled by the funding.

Commercialisation support partners will be sought from across the space innovation ecosystem and could include funders and agencies (i.e. UKSA, ESA, UKRI, etc.), larger companies operating across the space value chain, innovation agencies (i.e. Catapult network, Fraunhofer UK, etc.), local enterprise partnerships and other research organisations.

The proposed IP at the heart of the SCP may belong to the HEI partner, or to the CSP.

Activities and Scope

The focus is on accelerating development/deployment of IP to enable a reduced time to market for products and services.

SCPs address the following areas within the space sector:

  • Global market growth opportunities in Earth Information Services, Connectivity Services, In-Space Robotics and Low-Cost Access to Space
  • Improving the entrepreneurial pathway, access to finance and space supply chains
  • Supporting space business growth and space knowledge exchange in new ‘space cluster’ locations


The budget available is £300k, with additional funds expected from the industrial collaborators. We intend to award up to 4 projects.

Similar to Innovation Vouchers, SPRINT SCP grants will cover the lead HEI partner’s costs up to a value of £75k. This should constitute 50% or less of the total project costs. CSPs are required to provide a contribution amounting to at least 50% of the project costs. This may be in the form of a new resource contribution, or in the form of an existing resource contribution.

Contributions may take the form of:

New Resource

  • Equipment, consumables software, data, etc…
  • Hiring new staff to work on the project (or pro-rata effort)
  • Sub-contracting / consultancy costs
  • Travel and subsistence

Existing Company Resource

  • Direct costs of staff assigned to the project
  • Staffing overhead (fixed at 20% of total staffing effort assigned to the project)
  • Pro rata costs to use existing Company resources (not already included in overheads). This could include specialist equipment, data, software and facilities with the costs calculated on the basis of the Companies deprecation policy.

Ideally, the contribution from CSPs should be at least 50% New Resource. However, it is recognised that this is not always possible.


  • Call Launch – Monday 23rd August 2021
  • Call Close – 12 noon on Wednesday 29th September 2021 (Deadline extended from Friday 24th September 2021)
  • Projects start – October- November 2021

For additional information on SCPs please contact one of our Innovation Advisers via the Enquiries page.


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