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Rain is Head of the national SPRINT programme. She is based at SPRINT’s lead university partner, the University of Leicester, where she is taking a sabbatical from her role as Head of the Space Engineering and Technology Division at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC).

Rain is responsible for delivering the SPRINT programme successfully to target, on time and on budget. As well as being involved in technical programmes at STFC, Rain brings experience of working across a number of STFC Directorates at a strategic level to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the programme by developing high value research and innovation partnerships.

With an academic background in physics and research experience in the development and testing of spaceflight hardware for planetary science, Rain has worked in the space sector for 18 years. She has been instrumental in establishing space research and testing facilities in the UK, including the Harwell Robotics & Autonomy Facility (for the validation & verification of robotic space technology) and the ESA Sample Analogue Curation Facility (providing international teams with research samples) at Harwell.

Rain brings with her many years of experience in partnering with SMEs and universities on innovation projects for space and for terrestrial applications, including the use of space robotics in Agritech. She has also worked with NGOs in international collaborations to leverage space technology for the Mine Action sector. As the RAL Space Autonomous Systems lead, she worked on the commercialisation and licensing IP for her group.

Rain is excited to be working with SPRINT, and is looking forward to expanding its reach to support more universities and businesses across the UK.

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