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Dr Long Tran-Thanh is a lecturer (Assist. Prof. equivalent) in Computer Science.

Apart from doing research and teaching, Dr Tran-Thanh is organising the AIC seminar series, which invites speakers from the broad area of AI and multi-agent systems. If you are doing research in AI/agents (including AI, machine learning, or game theory, just to name a few), and interested in giving a talk in Southampton, please let Dr Tran-Thanh know.

Dr Tran-Thanh is an admission tutor for his department (ECS), and a member of the University’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Steering Committee.

Research interests

Human-aware AI: Dr Tran-Thanh main research focus is on combining machine learning, game theory, optimisation, and incentive engineering to tackle optimisation problems within AI systems caused by strategic and selfish human users.

AI for Social Good: Dr Tran-Thanh also applies his core AI research to a number of societal challenges

Online learning: One of Dr Tran-Thanh core research areas is bandit theory

Game theory: Dr Tran-Thanh other core research area is game theory

Crowdsourcing: More recently, Dr Tran-Thanh investigates the performance of different crowdsourcing systems from a theoretical perspective, aiming to provide rigorous performance guarantees for task allocation algorithms.

Home energy management: Dr Tran-Thanh is heavily involved in the research work on home energy management.

Other research interests:

The cost of interference to closed evolving systems:

Stochastic shortest path problems:

Non-monetary referral incentives:


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