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Lecturer in Environment & Health, NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow in Aerosols & Health, Leicester Wellcome Trust ISSF Interdisciplinary Fellow

Dr. Joshua Vande Hey’s research background is in optics and atmospheric sensor engineering, with an emphasis on low-cost laser sensing, and he is actively involved in both ground-based and space-based sensor development and data analysis.  Overall, his research focuses on understanding indoor and outdoor air pollution, evaluating its effects on human health, and assessing the effectiveness of exposure mitigation strategies through application of observational and modelling approaches.

The majority of his current research is driven by user needs identified through his NERC knowledge exchange fellowship in aerosols and health. His key projects are impact focused and co-developed with stakeholders and they often require interdisciplinary approaches. The environmental population health informatics (EPHI) project arose through knowledge exchange and has led to his current interdisciplinary research on short term health effects of atmospheric exposures, with the long term aim of using the healthcare analytics system to reduce the socioeconomic burden of chronic respiratory disease through improved management of individualised care.

Josh is conducting similar stakeholder-facing research in air pollution measurement, health impact assessment, and mitigation in Kenya, and in developing novel indoor cabin air quality management systems with the automotive industry.

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric aerosol and NO2 air pollution measurement
  • Low cost ground-based and space-based optical sensors
  • Environmental data for healthcare
  • Indoor air quality measurement and management
  • Environmentally sustainable transport

Research England SPRINT project in collaboration with Raymetrics: Remote Sensing of the atmosphere using LIDAR: New laser-based detection solutions for atmospheric monitoring