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Professor Jörg Fliege is Head of Operational Research in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

  • MSc in Mathematics & Computer Science 1993, University of Dortmund (Germany),
  • PhD in Mathematics 1997, University of Dortmund (Germany),
  • Habilitation in Mathematics 2001, University of Dortmund (Germany),
  • Associate Professor at the University of Dortmund (Germany),
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Dortmund (Germany),
  • Temporary Professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany),
  • Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham (UK).

Research interests

Prof. Fliege main research interests are in nonlinear optimisation, especially in multiobjective (multicriteria) optimisation and distributed optimisation algorithms, and in the corresponding applications in engineering (especially space engineering and telecommunications engineering), finance, web science, medicine, computer science, etc.