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Professor John Remedios is Director of the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), hosted within the Earth Observation Science group at the University of Leicester.

Professor Remedios is a Physicist but has collaborated across Chemistry, Geography and Biology. His experience is in satellite data for observing the Earth: climate, air pollution, ocean temperatures and land-atmosphere coupling. He has also worked on instrument concepts for new satellite missions.

Professor Remedios works closely with space agencies, particularly with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency. He is Principal Investigator for the Along Track Scanning Radiometers (ATSRs) and plays major roles in a number of other satellite missions. He has been an expert adviser to ESA through ESA’s Earth Sciences Advisory Committee and Future Technology Panel. He has also chaired the UK Space Agency Earth Observation Advisory Committee.

Professor Remedios has worked with a range of industrialists throughout the space and EO supply chain. He has worked with the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation (CEOI) on technology. He has been a Director of G-STEP at Leicester, working with businesses in the downstream market. Most recently, he has worked with the UK Space Sector Council, developing its inputs to government.

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