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Dr Geraint ‘Taff’ Morgan is highly active in analytical chemistry and the space technology translation agenda at The Open University.

The first half of Taff’s career was spent developing instruments for the Rosetta and Beagle2 space missions. Having successfully analysed a comet, he has since led research teams to develop a wide range of bespoke, high impact, sector disruptive solutions to terrestrial challenges including developing the award-winning air monitoring system for use on all future UK submarines and instruments for the world’s largest flavours and fragrance company. 

He is also developing novel sniffing solutions for: determining the shelf-life of rocket salad, identifying avocados damaged or infected with fungi and earlier detection of Campylobacter in chicken farms. Taff is also the Director of three start-up companies including a company that is detecting bed bugs in hotels.

SPRINT is allowing Taff to work with Scotch Whisky Research Institute to develop new assays for detecting fake and adulterated whisky samples, thus helping to protect one of the most important sectors in the UK economy.  Several other projects are also in the pipeline for SPRINT funding applications.