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Professor David Sampson joined the University of Surrey in January 2018 as Vice-Provost, Research and Innovation, where he is responsible for all matters research and innovation, including: strategy and future direction, supporting services for researchers, research training and the Doctoral College, knowledge exchange, partnerships, commercialisation, and the Surrey Research Park.

Professor David Sampson has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Western Australia, and a PhD in Physics from the University of Kent. He began his career in the oil and photonics industries, and has amassed extensive experience in photonics, optics, and microscopy research and commercialisation, mainly in the fields of communications and biomedicine. His research in elastography and the microscope-in-needle have been spun off into start-up companies in cancer imaging. He has held academic posts at the universities of Kent, Melbourne and Western Australia. He led the science infrastructure core facility at the University of Western Australia for nearly 10 years immediately prior to his appointment at Surrey, and was active in the national infrastructure known as NCRIS, leading nodes of three separate capabilities.

David is active in the global optics and photonics community, serving as Director of the SPIE – The International Society for Optics & Photonics (2017-2019), now Adviser to the Board, and chair of its Publications Committee. He serves on various editorial boards, including for The Conversation (UK). He is a member of Council at the University of Surrey, sits on the board of SETsquared, and serves as a director of the University of Surrey Seed Fund. He is a fellow of the optical societies, SPIE and OSA, and the electrical engineering society, IEEE.

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