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Dr Darren Ghent is a senior research fellow in the EOS group at the University of Leicester and NCEO Land Surface Temperature Leader

Dr Ghent research interests include the retrieval, validation and exploitation of land-surface temperature (LST), both the products from Earth Observation and the simulations of land-surface models; the interactions between the land-surface and the atmosphere; and climate feedbacks on various spatial and temporal scales including the evaluation of land-surface models and constraining their estimation of hydrological fields through data assimilation. He is the LST Validation Scientist and LST Algorithm Manager on the Sentinel-3 mission. He is also responsible for maintaining and evolving the retrieval of LST from the ATSR series of instruments. He is the Science Lead on the ESA LST CCI Project and PI on the ESA TIR-TRP Project in support of the LSTM mission. He is and has been involved on numerous other relevant projects exploiting LST data from Earth Observation instruments. He is also coordinator of the International Land Surface and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE), and Invited Expert on the GCOS-TOPC panel and the LSTM Mission Advisory Group (MAG). He is also the current Chair of the CCI Science Leaders.”