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Professor Tony Bird’s research focus is on astronomy in the X-ray and soft gamma-ray wavebands.

Professor Bird is a co-investigator for the IBIS imager on the ESA INTEGRAL mission, in which has been operational since 2002. He has led the team producing the main survey catalogs from INTEGRAL, the latest of which was released in 2016. He also works on the development on new instrumental and data analysis techniques. Among the many sources in the survey catalogs, Prof. Bird’s personal research interest is in the Supergiant Fast X-ray Binaries, a new class of highly variable binary star system discovered by INTEGRAL. Prof Bird was involved in the technical development of several of the main components of IBIS, and a member of the calibration team.

Prof Bird is interested in the transfer of astronomical technology to other applications, including homeland security and medical imaging.  He is currently involved in several projects in collaboration with UK commercial partners aimed at the transfer of astronomical technology to other applications including homeland security and medical imaging