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Alexander Wittig is currently an Associate Professor in astronautics at the University of Southampton.

Dr Alexander Wittig is interested in interdisciplinary research, supported by my broad background as a physicist and mathematician. He applies dynamical systems theory through innovative numerical methods, such as high-order Differential Algebra methods, numerical optimization, and high performance computing, to a variety of problems in physics, astronomy, and astronautics.

“I am fascinated by evolving systems of all sizes, from protons in particle accelerators, satellites in space, to entire planetary systems, and light around black holes. All of these can be studied using modern numerics, dynamical systems theory, and high-performance computing.”

He is currently an Associate Professor in astronautics at the University of Southampton. Before that, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the Advanced Concepts Team at the European Space Agency, and in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano where I was an experienced researcher in the AstroNet-II Marie-Curie network.

He received a dual PhD in Mathematics and Physics in 2011 and an MSc in Physics in 2007 from Michigan State University.

Research Interests

Dr Alexander Wittig research interests all focus on the study of complex, non-linear dynamical systems in various interdisciplinary fields such as astronautics, engineering, and physics.

He does so through the application of modern numerical methods, such as high-order differential algebra techniques and HPC, together with mathematical concepts from modern dynamical systems theory.

He has successfully applied these methods to problems in the fields of Applied Mission Design and Analysis, Solar System Dynamics, Gravitational Physics, and even Computer Science.

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