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A pathway to space sector success

BLOG: Seraphim Space Camp partnership leads to space sector success

As Mission #4 approaches, Head of national SPRINT programme, Ross Burgon talks about the value of our Seraphim Space Camp partnership

By Ross Burgon, Head of national SPRINT programme

The UK space sector is worth around £14.8 billion. It’s a real growth area for the UK economy and increasingly, SME businesses powered by new business models and new technologies are looking to enter into, and grow in this key sector.

It’s not all plain sailing though. Even in this vibrant and growing sector, SMEs still face the universal challenges of increasing revenue, developing new products and innovation, securing financing and finding a skilled workforce. Through our SPRINT programme however, support is at hand.

SPRINT can help to reduce the risk and uncertainty in developing new products and services by providing UK businesses with funded access to university expertise to accelerate the development of new commercial products, based on space technology and space data.

Our partnership with Seraphim Space Camp enables Space Camp companies to access university expertise to help to accelerate the growth of their products and services, whilst at the same time, providing expert advice and guidance to make Seraphim Space Camp companies ‘investor ready’. The partnership also helps us support companies in our SPRINT network looking to become future Space Camp incubees and interested in investment opportunities.

Seraphim Space Camp is an exciting fast-paced programme and I’m looking forward to meeting the Mission #4 cohort of SpaceTech companies and to support long-term collaboration between SPRINT universities and these high-growth space companies.

There are many synergies between the support that SPRINT and Seraphim Space Camp can provide to space sector businesses. This partnership will allow us to explore these synergies further and support even greater innovation in space technologies for UK SMEs and high growth businesses.

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