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New Strategic Commercialisation Partnerships initiative

NEWS: Launch of Strategic Commercialisation Partnerships

Supporting the commercialisation of space-related intellectual property

SPRINT has launched a new partner initiative to support the commercialisation of space-related intellectual property. Projects are being sought to accelerate the path to market of either SPRINT Higher Education Institution (HEI) partner university or company-owned IP.

The Strategic Commercialisation Partnerships (SCPs) programme will see SPRINT HEI partners collaborate with a commercialisation support partner (CSP) from across the space innovation ecosystem. Each CSP will bring the additional knowledge, skills, influence and resources necessary to significantly enhance and accelerate the commercialisation of innovative products, services and technologies. The proposed IP at the heart of the SCP may belong to the HEI partner, or to the CSP.

Rain Irshad, Head of the national SPRINT programme said: “The UK space industry has enormous potential for development and this new initiative will facilitate even greater knowledge exchange to maximise the chances of successful commercialisation and business growth within the UK space economy.”

All applications must be made through a SPRINT Innovation Advisor. Any organisation wishing to propose or support a SCP project should contact one of the SPRINT Innovation Advisors for more information about potential HEI partners or CSPs, and the SCP application process. The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Friday 24 September 2021.

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