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Isotopic (C,O,N,H,S) analysis of organic and carbonate samples to determine environmental conditions during formation.

The stable isotope geochemistry laboratory is equipped with Thermo-Scientific MAT 253 and Delta+ Advantage gas source mass spectrometers for the measurement of natural abundance stable isotope ratios in geological and extraterrestrial materials. Peripheral devices on the MAT 253 comprise a Thermo Flash HT for fully automated multi-element isotope analysis of C, N, S, O and H in solid and liquid samples and a Thermo GC Isolink for compound specific isotope analysis of C, N and H. The Delta+ Advantage is equipped with a Thermo Gas Bench II for high precision on-line isotope ratio determination of gas species, waters and carbonates. The laboratory has a range of supporting equipment for the preparation and characterisation of samples prior to analysis.

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