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Time-of-Flight, Quadrupole, Ion Trap, Magnetic Sector, NanoSIMS are all types of mass spectrometer solutions; each has their own unique selling points and negative features. Selecting the most appropriate MS system comes with experience. SPS have decades of experience of developing such solutions for planetary science and extra-terrestrial sample analysis as well as solutions for terrestrial challenges.

Not only can mass specs determine the chemical composition of a compound they can also be used to determining their stable isotopic signature, thus providing an insight in to the physical and chemical history of the molecule.  We have a portfolio of systems that are capable of determining the d13C, d 15N , d 18O, d17O and D/H ratio from a range of samples.

The applied science and technology group (ATSG) host award-winning GC, GCxGC, LC, MS training courses with Anthias Consulting Ltd and many of these courses are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry for continuing Professional Development (CPD). Delegates from commercial, academic.  In addition, bespoke, company specific.

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