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Iridis is currently in its fifth generation and remains one of the largest computational facilities in the UK. In November 2017, Iridis 5 joined the elite of the world’s top 500 supercomputers.

Iridis 5 also includes the new Data Intensive service, 20 of Nvidia’s enterprise GPUs, and a dedicated data visualisation service. The IRIDIS 5 HPC includes the following specification: 464 compute nodes with dual 2.0 GHz Intel Skylake processors. Each compute node has 40 CPUs per node with 192 GB of DDR4 memory. 20 Nvidia Tesla V100 enterprise graphics cards. 40 Nvidia GTX 1080Ti consumer graphics cards. 4 high-memory nodes, each with 64 cores, 768 GB of RAM and 9 TB of local HDD scratch space. 4 high memory nodes running a 36 TB Hadoop/Spark service. 8 high memory nodes providing a private cloud service. 2 data visualisation nodes with 22 usable cores, 384 GB of RAM and an Nvidia M60 GPU. These run both windows and Linux VM. 3 login nodes with 40 cores and 384 GB of memory. In total more than 20,000 processor-cores providing 1,305 TFlops peak. 2.2 PB of storage run on IBM Spectrum Scale parallel file system. InfiniBand network for interprocess communication.

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