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Earth Observation at Southampton (EOBAS) is supplied with a Field Spectroscopy Lab. This facility is equipped with instruments for spectroradiometry, biophysical variables measurements, positioning, topographic and aerial survey.

To conduct hyperspectral measurements the lab has a dark room, one backpack held, two hand held ASD FieldSpec spetroradiometers and Spectralon panels for calibration. For aerial survey the lab has unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) mounted with GoPro and RGB cameras. Multispectral satellite imagery requires ancillary information to perform atmospheric correction. The Field Spectroscopy Lab has sun-photometers to determine the atmospheric optical depth accounting for the scattering and absorption caused by the atmosphere. The lab also has Leica ScanStations Terrestrial Laser Scanners (TLS) for forest inventory and monitoring. Forest biomass, structural variables and 3D forest models can be derived using the TLS.

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