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A three-day course is designed to introduce the fundamentals of CMOS image sensor operation and characterisation using a Teledyne-e2v CIS115 sensor. The workshop includes a mixture of lab-based hardware and software exercises using the state of the art laboratory facilities at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK.

The workshop covers the following topics: Operating principles of CMOS image sensors (CIS); Understanding and operating a camera system for CIS characterisation; Monitoring of control and output signals using an oscilloscope; System calibration using X-rays; Generation and analysis of images taken under different illumination conditions; Calculation of the full well capacity and sensor linearity; Dark current measurements; Measuring the conversion gain of a pixel; Obtaining photon transfer curves and their analysis; Characterisation of image lag at different signal levels. The CMOS workshop is available to SPRINT SMEs interested and involved in the development of imaging instrumentation.

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