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KISPE is a specialist programme and systems engineering company working in the electronics, telecommunications and space sectors.

The goal of the company is to work with its customers on the execution or implementation of their business ideas, from early inception and business planning activities, through the design, manufacture, integration, test and operations. In addition to the programme and systems engineering activities, the company is also active in the creation and delivery of specialist training and development and the provision of consultancy services.

The company has two subsidiaries, KISPE Space Systems Ltd., whose activities relate to space related programme management and systems engineering and Applied Space Solutions Limited whose focus is space related research, analytics, applications and services.

KISPE Space’s vision is to advance the responsible and sustainable use and exploitation of space and to stimulate the development of space-based applications and services. The company strives to find innovative engineering, programmatic and business solutions to address challenging programme requirements, drawing on significant experience in the design, development and operation of space systems, and leveraging cutting edge and disruptive technologies and techniques developed in other fields.

There are 2 SPRINT Projects with The University of Surrey

Project Title: Microprocessor selection for Next-Generation microsatellite platform

Project Title: Microprocessor Proton Test Campaign

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